Q.  How much does it cost?

A. We have a service charge of $5.00 per order and our delivery fee is a $5.99 & tips are appreciated.

Q. Can I order from multiple restaurants?

A. No, but you can place multiple orders! 🙂

Q.  Can I cancel my order once it has been placed?

A.  All orders are placed with the restaurant instantly and therefore, cannot be cancelled. Once your order is placed it CANNOT be cancelled.  OCCASIONALLY you can catch us before we place the order with the restaurant.  Feel free to try via the contact us page on our website.

Q.  What areas do you service?

A.  Currently, we provide restaurant delivery service within Kyle, Buda, and San Marcos, Texas. Not sure if your address is in our service area? Shoot us an email. From time to time we can deliver outside our zones, especially if the driver is generously tipped 🙂

Q.  How long will it take to receive my order?

A.  Depending on volume, your order will be delivered in about 40-70 minutes. You may keep up with the progress of your order by selecting to receive notifications sent to you via text message or email. If you need to receive your order at a specific time, please specify that during the checkout. Delivery Times are just an estimate not a guarantee. Keep in mind bad weather, trains, road construction, could cause delays. Delays aren’t a valid reason to cancel.

Q.  Will my food still be hot when it arrives?

A.  All meals are transported in thermal catering bags that are specifically designed to keep your food hot and fresh.

Q.  What form of payment do you accept?

A.  You can check out with all major credit cards as well as Hays Food Delivery Gift Cards.